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Why Skoolboard

Skoolboard is built with Advanced Functionality that Delivers School Portal/ERP Solutions for Student Admission & Registration, Hostel Accommodation, Result & Grading,  E-Payments and  HR Management.


Increase Efficiencies

The Skoolboard Portal greatly reduces the workload of the bursary, examinations, records and registry departments and that of the lecturers to enable them focus on their core functions. Automation of these key departments helps reduce cost.


Revenue Optimization

Skoolboard has been proven to increase the revenue of tertiary institutions by up to 250% in the shortest time. Our solution blocks revenue leakages from fraud and poor record management and also makes it easy to attract students from anywhere in the country.

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Informed Decision Making

Skoolboard ERP module has an analytic module with access to real-time educational and financial data. The module provides visualization for easy identification of pain-point and metric for data-driven policy making.

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Caritas University

The Skoolboard team is made up of committed and intelligent personnel, who are creative and contribute useful ideas for the effective operation of our institutional portal


Vice-Chancellor, Caritas University

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