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First deployed over ten years ago and now trusted by over 60 educational institutions across Nigeria. The platform is designed to ease manual processes, prevent malpractices and block revenue leakages through automation. Skoolboard was developed and is maintained by Dreamlabs (Nig.) Ltd , leading IT Company that harnesses the power of technology to develop innovative solutions.

Why Skoolboard

The Skoolboard platform automates all student-related processes of institutions, seamlessly blending of student self-service with an integrated workflow system to ease student administration and aid informed decision making. With Skoolboard, institutions can focus on their core function of lecturing students and improving student learning outcomes.

We hand-hold our clients through the deployment process, providing technical support and a strong project management team to drive adoption. The support allows reaping quick benefits of Skoolboard.


Trusted and deployed in leading institutions

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Our Professional & Certified Team

Our support and project team transform your institutions quickly.

Software Methodologies

Our team leverages on proprietary proven agile methodologies in the management of our client projects and are able to deliver large project in functional incremental units at speed.


Project Management

One of our greatest strengths as a company is our ability to use certified project managers to clearly define the goals of a project according to customer needs, create a plan towards meeting the goals and strong execution on laid out plans. All our processes are fully infused with proven Project Management Methologies

Quality Assurance

We deliver client software using an Agile Scrum Methodology. The App shall be broken down into small functional units and delivered incrementally. Quality Assurance and User acceptance tests are deeply embedded in each step of our project cycle.



Our team consists of certified information system security professionals, dedicated to utilizing preemptive methods to protect the Skoolboard application including “top-down” security assessments through Threat Modeling and analysis, as well as Access Control, Identification, Authentication, Audit and Accountability.

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